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The perfect snack to Curb those hunger pangs when you are craving for some thing savoury. The Baked Rajma Chips are rich in Indian spices and Flavours. It comes without the guilt of a fried Indian snack. It's Baked with Rajma (Red Kidney Beans) to help you eat without guilt & enjoy the snack.  The combination of Rajma (Red Kidney Beans) (80%) with rice (15%) makes it a balanced food in between meals or an alternative to a meal.


NOTE: No refined flour has been used in the product.



  • You can have it with salsa, hummus, or any other dips.
  • A great snack to have with Tea / Coffee or as a mid morning or evening snack.
  • Ingredients: Red Kidney Beans (Rajma) 80%, Rice Flour & Spices

    • Red kidney beans are an excellent vegan and gluten free source of proteins and fibre. They also contain exceptional levels of iron, Vit B6, copper and magnesium.
    • Protein is a vital nutrient that plays a key role in virtually everything the body does.
    • Protein source can be divided into two different categories complete and incomplete. Animal products are Complete proteins means they contain all the nine Amino acids. Incomplete proteins such as Red kidney beans can be easily combined with nuts and grains at a single or various meal throughout the day to make complete proteins.
    • We have succeeded in making a complete meal by combining the Red kidney beans with rice to provide maximum health benefits.
    • Red kidney Beans are rich in dietary fibre. Dietary fibres are commonly recognised as important factors in weight management and loss by functioning as bulking agents in the digestive system. These compounds increase satiety, making one feel fuller for longer periods of time and thereby lowering the overall calorie intake.
    • Red kidney beans are rich in Iron. (2).jpg
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