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The perfect snack to curb those hunger pangs when you are craving for something savory. It's baked with beetroot & sesame. The bajra chips are tasty and crunchy and healthy too.


NOTE: No refined flour has been used in the product.


Serving Suggestions: 

  1. Enjoy it with salsa, hummus, or any other dips.
  2. A great snack to have with tea/coffee any time of the day.
    • Bajra is composed of starch, soluble sugar and fibre.
    • Bajra also has a good amount of dietary fibre and plays the role of bulking agent, increases transit time and retards carbohydrate absorption.
    • Bajra is a good source of B vitamins except Vit B 12.
    • Bajra is one of the very few foods that turns stomach acid alkaline and prevents acidity.
    • Rich in phosphorus so helps in bone growth and bone health.
    • Contains essential amino acids (good protein)
    • Sesame is a good source of copper, selenium, calcium, manganese & zinc.
    • Zinc in Sesame increases bone density & suggested to include in your daily diet.
    • Sesame seeds are good during pregnancy and breast feeding.
    • Beetroot is a rich source of dietary fibre.
    • Beetroot is a good source of iron Beetroot is known to improve exercise tolerance.
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